Can cats eat eggs? Believe it or not, this is a pretty controversial topic in the feline world. We didn’t know how controversial until we included a whole egg in a DIY cat food recipe on YouTube.

While the media has gone back and forth about the health benefits/effects of eggs for the past several decades, the science is clear. Eggs are a superfood. They are jam-packed with protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and even a small amount of taurine. So why would some try and tear us down for feeding eggs?

Because of egg whites – and the scare tactics around cats getting a biotin deficiency. You see, egg whites contain something called avidin that can bind biotin – however, the yolks contain biotin and balance this out. Plus, you would have to feed your cat a LOT of egg whites without the yolk to create an issue. As long as you’re feeding a whole egg, you don’t need to worry about this warning.

Cats eat eggs in the wild and don’t separate the yolk. They also eat them raw, but your domesticated kitty may not like a raw egg. While I wish our cats liked raw eggs they just don’t – unless they’re hidden in a meal. We scramble or boil the eggs (side note – cooking the egg whites stops the issue with the biotin thing too) and the kitties will gobble it up.

So try feeding your cats this superfood! Cats can benefit from eating eggs just like we can!



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