Many people think that it’s common for cats to vomit on a regular basis. This is a myth. A vomiting cat, just like a vomiting human, indicates an issue of some kind. So, why do cats vomit? Here’s the number one reason your kitty vomits all the time

If your cat vomits all the time, be sure to have her checked by a vet so you can rule out any major health issues. Diseases like pancreatitis or kidney failure can cause vomiting and might need medical attention. Once you rule out more serious diseases, it’s time to take a look at the diet.

Why Do Cats Vomit If They Aren’t Sick?

The long and short of this answer is: diet. In order for your cats to keep the food they eat in their bellies, they must be able to digest and utilize the ingredients. Non-species appropriate diets are severely lacking in quality ingredients. Here’s some short details…

  • If you’re feeding your cat a popular brand cat food, chances are that it contains rendered ingredients. Rendered means that the ingredients are not fit for human consumption. These ingredients include feathers, beaks, eyes, heads and feet. The pet food industry considers this protein, but these ingredients can be difficult for a cat to digest. Thus, they vomit them back up.
  • Dry kibble diets are high in carbohydrates. Cats can successfully digest about 2-5% of carbs in their diet, but dry food has no less than 25% (usually more like 45%). These carbohydrates causes inflammation in their short digestive tracts cause food to come back up – no go smoothly out. Instead of healthy poops, you’ll get frequent vomit.
  • Cat foods that are not grain-free will ensure vomiting in cats. Felines aren’t created to digest grains at all, so you’ll see much more vomiting and hairballs from cats who eat diets with grain in them.
  • Most commercially processed cat foods contain preservatives and chemicals that our kitties’ digestive systems reject. This is also because it creates inflammation in their GI tract and sends a signal to the brain that says, “let me outta here!”.

The easiest and healthiest way to stop your cat from vomiting all the time is to feed her a species appropriate fresh food diet with additional digestive enzymes. Healthy foods create healthy digestive tracts and often stop vomiting immediately.

Digestive Enzymes for Cats


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