I realize that the title is why you clicked on this article, but stick with me here because we’ve learned something that we have to share. Feeding your cats poop sounds like something you’d never do… but would you?

You see, there’s a breakthrough treatment for feline health issues and it involved a fecal transplant. No, I don’t mean that your cat goes into surgery to have poop inserted into her body. I do, however, mean that your kitty can benefit greatly from consuming the poop of a healthier cat.

It happens all the time with dogs. They go outside, find some poop and start munching down on it. If you ask the experts why they do this they’ll tell you it’s because there are nutrients that their bodies need in the fecal matter. Animals know what they need and will take advantage if they have access.

Dr. Margo Roman joined us on a Zoom interview to discuss how fecal transplants can restore the microbiome of your cat’s gut, and thus, restore their health.

Let’s Talk About Sh*t

Dr. Roman has cats who have not been vaccinated and are fed a species appropriate diet. She uses her cats as donors to her clients who need this treatment. She mentioned how microbiome restorative therapy (aka feeding cats poop) can help cats with IBD, allergies and behavioral issues, but she’s also seen fecal transplants help cancer and even pica!

Since pica and cancer are such scary conditions for our kitties, we’re excited to invite her back for another discussion on how restoring the gut can help even those conditions that seem helpless. Fecal transplants are no joke. It’s actually administered by feeding your cats poop in pill form, so it’s not as gross as it sounds.

If you’re interested in helping your cat with this breakthrough treatment, click here!



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