If you’ve got cats puking up their food after eating, it’s time to make some changes. Cats with food anxiety will often scarf and barf and this isn’t healthy for them at all.

Before I go deeper into how to resolve the scarf & barf issue I must address that some cats have an absorption issue with their food. This can make a kitty vomit up their food even if they aren’t eating too fast. In these cases you will want to address the diet, add in digestive enzymes and likely even see a vet. Cats need to utilize the nutrients in their food, and if they are vomiting the majority of their food this can be dangerous.

Many people think “food anxiety” means fear of food, but it doesn’t. What it means for felines is that they are anxious while eating. This often happens when multiple cats or other pets are forced to eat together. While each kitty is different, many cats are solitary eaters because it’s in their nature to eat alone. Cats in the wild don’t typically share their food and they take their prey to a quiet, safe spot before eating.

Our cats are no different, instinctively, from tigers. When they are forced to eat around other animals they will be more likely to scarf down their food quickly. This upsets the digestive tract and results in regurgitation.

Here are some tips if you’ve got cats puking up their food after eating too fast

  • Feed your kitty away from other animals or even people. One of our girls likes to eat in a quiet location of her choosing each meal. We pay attention to her needs and feed her where she’s most comfortable.
  • Slow down their eating by using food puzzles. Food puzzles are a great way to stimulate your kitty while making them work for their food. This slows down the eating and digestive process. If you don’t want to purchase a puzzle, try feeding small bites in a muffin pan. This will work as well.
  • Feed in smaller amounts throughout the day. If you’re an at-home cat parent, you can feed your kitty a spoonful of food several times per day. This can strengthen your bond with your cat as well as aid in the digestion process.

So don’t let your cats gorge and purge. Instead make it part of your routine to feed in a little different way than before to slow the feeding and resolve the issue.


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