Can I Give My Cat Milk?

Can I Give My Cat Milk? Not all milk is created equal so it's important you know what is good for cats and what isn't.

Cats love milk. I mean, most cats at least. But when I got into the pet health field I started wondering if I should give my cats milk treats. Is it healthy? Is it harmful in the long term?

As it turns out, not all milk is created equal.

Growing up, we always saw the commercials about how “milk does a body good”. Remember those? My parents gave us milk for every meal and I still enjoy a glass of milk at home with dinner from time to time. However, modern research shows that the pasteurized milk we get at the market isn’t good for us. Or our pets.

Our kitties are not made to process any pasteurized products (milk, cheese or other dairy). Because of this, it can cause a gassy kitty with GI upset. Too much milk can even lead to health problems down the road.

So is there a milk I can give my cat?

Dr. Tawnia Shaw, DVM  says, “…pasteurized milk that has had the enzymes denatured but still has lactose sugars are more likely to cause problems than raw or fermented milks or fermented cheeses.”

So – Yes! Raw, unpasteurized milk is a great alternative to what we usually grab at the market! Raw goat’s milk, for instance, is one of our cats’ most favorite treats now! It’s easily digestible and can be very nourishing and even healing to the body. If your kitty is refusing a meal, try giving her a little raw goat’s milk instead… it’s a great way to fast them for short periods of time too!

Raw milk has been called “the universal milk” and “the most nutritious food” because it’s packed with benefits. Vitamins, minerals, protein, enzymes, probiotics.. the list goes on!

So if you still want to treat your kitty to some milk and keep him healthy, try raw, unpasteurized milk instead!

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