You come home from a long day at work and as soon as you walk in the door you smell it, Cat Urine! For some of us, the first thought that comes to our mind is what the heck! Why is my cat upset with me and revenge peeing!!

You then walk into your bedroom and there is your beloved cat on the bed in midstream, he looks up and makes eye contact with you as he is relieving himself. You think, OH MAN, what a little jerk!! He is angry and he is letting me know! You feel yourself getting more and more upset and you are ready to start yelling. STOP! He is NOT trying to get revenge on you, he is trying to tell you SOMETHING IS WRONG!

Is my cat actually revenge peeing?

There are many reasons a cat may start to pee outside the box but getting revenge is not one of them. When a cat is distressed or not feeling good or is sad, their own scent actually soothes them and brings them comfort.

If a cat is healthy and is eliminating inappropriately this isn’t because he’s getting back at you for some reason. It’s also not because he has a bad attitude. He is trying to find comfort. There might be something in his environment that’s bothering him, but he is NOT being a jerk!

Getting upset with your cat is not the answer. Have compassion and take the time to figure out why this is happening. Of course, we always suggest getting a complete wellness examination if your cat suddenly starts to go outside the box. Once anything medical is ruled out, you can try some confidence building exercise or some scent swapping among other things.

So before getting upset with Fluffy for inappropriately eliminating, take a moment, have compassion on Fluffy and work on fixing the problem in a positive way.


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