The Feline Slow Blink

Does your cat Slow Blink at you? Here is why the feline blinks slowly at those they trust

Do your cats ever slow blink at you? And do you blink back?

The slow, long blink from cats is a sign of trust and compassion. While there are many gestures in cats that can be both a positive and negative response (like the purr), all studies I’ve found link slow blinking to positive emotions.

In the wild it’s believed that big cats will blink slowly at one another as a sign that they can enter their pride or community. It’s a way of saying, “you’re safe, come on in.” So when your kitty looks at you with the slow blink, don’t take it for granted. This means they think you’re safe.

Have you ever wondered if your cat understands when you say “I love you”? The cool thing about this gesture is that it’s also a way for you to communicate your Love to your cat. According to, “Psychologists at the Universities of Sussex and Portsmouth conducted an experiment with 21 cats and 14 cat owners to see how cats respond to slow blinking in humans” and “Cats in the study were more willing to approach a person who slow blinked compared to a person who kept a neutral face.

So there’s a new tip for approaching your sister’s cat who hates you. 🙂

Try slow blinking at your kitty and see if they slow blink back. If you’ve never tried this before, your cat may look at you like you have a 3rd head at first, but try again with real meaning and they’ll get it. 🙂 Our cats understand a lot more than we give them credit for and Love is something every soul comprehends.

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