Does your cat like toys for a half a second and then never look at them again? Are you buying new toys all the time just for that half-second moment of excitement? Today I’m going to tell you why this is happening and also save you a ton of money.

Our cats need to play. It’s in their instinctive nature to play and when we confine them within 4 walls they have limited options. That’s why we want to provide them with toys and spaces to entice their inner beings. Cats that are bored are also stressed and stress causes illness and disease. We definitely don’t want our kitties to be sick, but how do you make your cat like toys for more than a few moments?

Something you might not know is that cats like novelty. What that means is that they like things that are “new, original, or unusual“. Some people think that you should buy a new toy for your kitty every day, but that’s not necessarily true.

If you leave toys out for your cats at all times, it’s unlikely that they will play without you engaging with them. This is because there’s nothing new or exciting to explore and play with.

And putting the toys away is actually how you’ll help your cat like toys again AND save a ton of money. Our cats have a toy box. Over the years they’ve accumulated several different toys and once they stop playing with them we put them away and bring out an old toy they haven’t seen in a while. It’s like Christmas each time!

It’s also great if you can leave the boxes out for a few days when you get a delivery in the mail. 🙂 Now go and save money while making your kitties happier and healthier!


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