We hear complaints regularly from people about their picky cats and how they won’t take A, B or C in their food. Cats are notorious for being finicky when it comes to their food… but we can’t always let them win – especially when their health is at risk.

So how do we get picky cats to take their supplements or meds when we want to add them to their food?

Here are some great tips that will help!

  • Try masking the additive with a treat topper. We crumble a freeze dried treat and sprinkled on top of their food. If they don’t like treats, try tuna water or bone broth instead.
  • Start by adding in a small amount of the supplement and slowly work your way up. If you notice your picky cat stops eating, back off a bit and slowly increase the amount again. This can take a bit of time and patience but it’s worth it!

One thing you do not want to do is play hard ball. This is okay for dogs, but dangerous for cats. Don’t think your kitty will eventually get hungry enough to eat. Cats need to eat and if they go without for 24 to 48 hours they can develop a condition called hepatic lipidosis, or fatty liver disease. This can be fatal. Always make sure your cat is eating every day.

When adding supplements to your cat’s diet, try a liquid form – which is easily added to their food. We offer a full line of liquid supplements for this reason.

What about medications? You can follow the same suggestion above for medication but if the cat won’t eat them, we need to go to plan B. If you need to pill  your cat, ask your vet about a pill popper or click here. If it’s too hard to get a pill down, ask your vet if there is a liquid form of the medication or if a liquid form can be made at a local compounding pharmacy. The compounding pharmacy will even flavor the meds to make it  more tasty for your kitty.

Supplements can be a wonderful addition to your cat’s diet and with a little effort, they can be given easily in their meals.


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