Laura’s cats were best friends. One day a stray cat came up to the window and freaked them out. This triggered aggression and they stopped getting along. If you have cats that suddenly start fighting out of nowhere, this short blog is for you.

Now, it’s important to first understand the difference between cats fighting and cats playing. Sometimes cats will pounce each other or even growl at each other while playing. Behavior like this should be encouraged, not discouraged, because they are just cats – being cats.

If you pay close attention to your cats, it will be easy to spot the difference between fight and play. Our cats point their ears back and have a ‘mean’ look in their eyes when they’re being aggressive. The kittens, however, will wrestle each other, growl and sometimes even hiss a little while playing.

When cats that suddenly start fighting out of the clear blue are trapped inside your home together, the problem can escalate. Sometimes the smallest thing, like a smell or outdoor animal they saw through the window, can trigger our cats. Some cats can start down a road of aggression toward each other that won’t stop unless action is taken. Sometimes a simple distraction will help – like a toy or placing a pillow between the engaged parties.

It may seem strange, but feline behaviorists have found success helping cats in this situation by reintroducing them to each other. There’s a gentle way to introduce cats and sometimes it needs to be done more than once to help keep calm in the home.

Adding a natural calming solution to this mix really helped speed up the process for us, personally. The second introduction happened ten times faster than the first time around. 🙂


Natural Calming Formula for Cats the Fight


Cat Calm Stress Reducing Liquid Formula



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