Ahhh the nicer weather is here! I love when it’s so nice outside that you can open your windows and feel a lovely breeze coming in the window screens. You know who loves that even more than us? Our feline friends! You open up those windows and bam the kitties are gathering. Open windows are like kitty magnets. They love feeling the sights and sounds of the outdoors, especially all the birdies singing! But are your cats safe when you open up those windows with just a screen between them and the outside world?

It’s our job to make sure they are safe. Let’s talk about cat proofing our window screens.

You will want to go around your home and check all your screens, this includes checking for rips or tears, screens that are not tightly attached to the frame etc. When you find a bad screen be sure to replace it before you open your windows. If you have to replace a screen try using either a heavier mesh screen, or even a screen especially made for pets.

Along with checking your screens you are going to want to check out the frames the screens are in. They can get damaged which can cause bowing. Any damaged frames need to be replaced. If they are not fitting in the opening properly, if your cat leans on them they can easily pop out causing injury or an escape. After replacing our window screens, we had them secured with screws and clips… just to be on the safe side.

Once you check and replace any bad screens and feel it is safe for your kitties to get some fresh air you may quickly notice you have a climber. That is what I call a cat that likes to scale the screen. If you want to discourage this behavior, try double sided sticky tape. You can put this on the screens and the kitties will quickly learn not to climb them. They don’t like the feel of the stickiness on their paws.

So let’s open those windows and let your cats enjoy some fresh air safely!



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