Cat Pooping Outside The Box?

Is your cat pooping in weird places around the house? It could be stress.

Is your cat pooping in weird spots around the house? We’re getting messages almost daily about cats pooping on beds, in bathtubs, kitchen pantry – almost anywhere but in the litter box. Since we’re currently in quarantine season (can you believe it’s being called a season now?), we believe that much of this problem is related to stress.

First thing’s first… if your cat suddenly starts pooping outside the box, this could be a sign that she doesn’t feel well. Going outside the box is one of the most common ways felines tell their owners that they are sick. Be sure to schedule a vet visit for a wellness exam to give you peace of mind.

Once you know that this isn’t a health issue, it’s time to look for the root cause. This can be a guessing game for some, but here are the most common stressors that cats face when it comes to litter box habits.

Ways to help if you catch your cat pooping outside the box

  1. Make sure you have enough litter boxes. Cats, like humans, prefer to have their ‘own’ place to peacefully do their business. The rule of thumb is – always have at least one more litter box than you have cats. If you have 3 cats, you should have 4 litter boxes in your home. This may seem like a lot if you live in a small apartment, but you can get creative with the placement (see below) and make it work.
  2. Place the litter boxes in a comfortable space. Cats are private beings and have trouble doing their business in a high traffic or loud area. This may cause them to find a more comfortable spot to drop a turd. Make sure to place the boxes in quiet, low traffic areas that are easy to access.
  3. Choose the right litter. Cats are finicky little felines and can be picky about the type of litter they use. I don’t blame them… certain textures can bother my feet too. Make sure to pick a litter that’s chemical-free and dust-free and that your kitty likes to use.

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