Do your cats keep you up all night? Our feline friends are crepuscular. That means that they’re most active during twilight hours. What does that mean for us? Our kitties are up and about when we are ready for bed or sleeping!

I had a cat years ago, he was my sweet orange tabby boy and he was purrfect except for this one flaw. Right around 4:00 in the morning he would get behind our bedroom door and find the little door stop. You know, that little spring-like thing that keeps the door knob from going through the wall. He would take the end of it in his mouth, pull it up and let it go! BOINGGGGGG!!!!! It was super loud and would have us clinging to the ceiling out of a deep sleep! I would toss a pillow to try to block the door stop without getting out of bed, then fall back to sleep only to hear BOINGGGG a few minutes later. Yes, I would get upset with him but that was before I knew he wasn’t being a jerk he was being a cat. It was his “go time” and he was ready for first breakfast!

Do you have cats that keep you up at night? Here are a few simple steps you can take to make your cats happier and help you get a good nights sleep.

3 Tips For Cats That Keep You Up At Night

  • Before heading to bed take a good 20 minutes to play with your kitty, burn some of that energy off them. Follow this up with a good meal before bed.
  • If your cat is waking you up super early, usually they do this because they are ready to eat! Getting an automatic feeder and setting a timer, will help resolve this issue.
  • Lastly, if you have a kitty that is extra spunky at night, you can give 1mg of pure melatonin before bed to help him relax and sleep.

So don’t get upset with our crepuscular friends, take these few simple steps and you will be sleeping through the night in no time!


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