Holy meow! This calming formula rocks our world! It’s rare that we do product reviews, especially if it’s  our own product, but this can’t go without sharing.

Cats are purrecious creatures and can be easily scared. Thus the term, scaredy cat’. Cat parents with extra anxious kitties try to do everything they can to reduce their anxiety during stressful times… We do this because we know the health issues stress can cause our cats. Especially for our Pooh Bear (pictured above).

Pooh Bear is our rescue kitty that we knew would be a challenge from the beginning. He was aggressive (to the point of harming us and our other kitties) and very territorial – he would not venture upstairs and he was marking our home constantly. He was the epitome of the un-adoptable cat. We tried pheromones, calming sprays, gave him his own space – nothing helped. Plus he has an auto-immune disease that is triggered by stress. When we started giving him Cat Calm Stress Reducing Formula in his morning meal, the change was nearly unbelievable. Over a matter of a few days he started coming upstairs. Within a few weeks he was snuggling with the other cats.

Did you know that the number one cause of death for kitties is euthanasia – because they are un-adoptable? Experiencing the turmoil in our home caused by Pooh Bear made this reality very clear to us – and he is the reason we had to make Cat Calm available to all of you. This product is a life-saver.

And that’s why we are such proponents of this product – but now we need to shout it from the rooftops.

And let me tell you why…

Our roof leaked and caused a lot of water damage to our home. To prevent mold issues, we have a restoration crew in our house, tearing down walls, floors & ceilings and running huge machines to dry it all out. This is a scary and stressful situation for our cats (and us).

Because we knew that all of this craziness was going to freak them out, we gave our entire clowder Cat Calm the night before the work began – and every morning since. We’re on day 4 of construction (the worst of it is over) and everyone is doing fine! No one is hiding in unfindable places or trying to run out the door every time the workers go in or out (a huge worry for us!) and our biggest worry – Pooh Bear – is just relaxing in his cat tree as normal. Even in the midst of all the uncertainty and the many weeks ahead to rebuild our home, we are just elated.

We know there are tons of awesome calming formulas on the market that help cats – and we always recommend whatever is natural and works best for your kitty. That being said, if you feel – as we did for so long – that you’ve tried everything and nothing works, please do not give up hope! Try Cat Calm or contact us to help you find what your kitty needs. There are few things in this world better than finding peace in whatever chaos life throws our way!


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