Arthritis and Joint Pain in Cats

How to fix cat arthritis in 2 easy steps

Natural Remedy for Cat Arthritis and Joint Pain

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100% plant-based formula that can safely and quickly improve your cat’s mobility – without risk of side effects.

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Answer to cat hairballs, immunity issues, digestive support, pancreatitis, and overall health for cats

CATalyst is All-Natural and Safe for Your Cat

Unlike most commercial arthritis treatments, there are no harmful chemicals in CATalyst that might damage the liver or pancreas. This product is made from 100% plant extracts and is full of the enzymes your cat needs for healthy mobility function. It’s completely safe and recommended for cats and kittens of all ages.



An enzyme that catalyzes fats into fatty acids and other cool stuff. It tells the fats what to do to help the joints and other organs in the body.


An enzyme that breaks down protein. This is the daddy of enzymes – making the protein in the food work for the joints and overall function of the body for mammals.

Answer to cat hairballs, immunity issues, digestive support, pancreatitis, and overall health for cats

Superoxide Dismutase


This is the key antioxidant enzyme within the formula that kills free radicals, reduces inflammation and rebuilds and replaces the synovial fluid around the joints. Not to mention it supports every other organ in the body in amazing ways.


An enzyme that converts starch into sugars. It’s the cool enzyme that helps the body utilize the carbohydrates in the body.


An enzyme that protects the cells from oxidative damage. This is a protector of the joints that helps rehabilitate cats with arthritis or other joint pain.



No more fussy felines with this formula! CATalyst is tasteless and fuss-free!


CATalyst is extracted into liquid form to make it easy to add to wet food and quickly absorbable for our kitties!

No Risk

CATalyst is 100% natural and comes with no risk of side effects!

What customers are saying about CATalyst

Cats are better than dogs

Marcie M.

Verified Customer

I order this every month for my cat. It has helped her joints so much at her age and I feel like I’m going to have her around longer now.


Robyn S.

Verified Customer

My cat Pepper was diagnosed with TMJ over a year ago and was not given more than a few months to live. The arthritic pain in the mouth joint caused so much discomfort that eating became difficult. I have been very encouraged by the results of CATalyst. Pepper does not exhibit pain and is eating more frequently. I would highly recommend this product for any cat that is suffering from arthritis or mobility issues. It is simple to use and fast acting.

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