CatCon From Your Couch is coming october 2020 and we are excited to be a part of it again this year

Attention cat lovers! CatCon From Your Couch was officially announced earlier this week – and we can hardly contain our excitement! This will be our 5th year participating at the biggest and most exciting cat convention ever produced…  and this year everyone can come!

Have you always wanted to go to CatCon, but couldn’t swing a trip to sunny Los Angeles? Not this year! No plane tickets, hotel rooms, paying for food, or trying to find parking required! This will be the biggest and best cat convention of the year – where we’ll all be together virtually!

These Two Crazy Cat Ladies will be speaking at the event again this year – and as presenters, we were able to see some of the back stage scene. Let me tell you that this 2020 CatCon platform is state of the art! Covid has brought about a lot of virtual events and meetings for us, but they’ve all been conducted with a basic video meeting program. CatCon From Your Couch is taking it to the next level. It’s like they took the actual event and put it directly on our favorite device!

CatCon From Your Couch Benefits

  1. US! CatCon has always been our biggest event of the year. We spend months in preparation and every year my sister flies into town, helps us pack up a trailer full of our booth gear, and then we drive 4 hours to the event center for a weekend full of catastic adventures with the global cat community! While we will miss being physically present with all of you, this year really feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity!
  2. CONTENT AND EXCLUSIVES: This once in a lifetime opportunity is only $20! Fellow exhibitors galore, exclusive content all weekend long, adoptable kittens available all over the states, PLUS you get to watch from home and commune with US and fellow cat lovers from all over the world.
  3. CHARITY: CatCon is donating $5 of every ticket to help five animal welfare groups in need across the United States. How pawsome is that?
  4. WHERE YOU CAN WATCH: On your phone, laptop, Smart TV – really any device will do. So gather the kitty fam around and watch together.
  5. COMMUNITY: If there’s one thing during this strange and challenging year that uplifts us most, it is being surrounded by the BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE in our incredible cat community. CatCon From Your Couch brings together our global community of feline fur-riends like no other – which truly makes it one of the best blessings of 2020!

Can’t wait to see you all there!

Click Here To Get Tickets Now!

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