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Kick the Urinary & Bladder Troubles

The Feline Essential Urinary Tract Support Kit is a powerful formula designed to support and maintain the entire urinary tract of your cat. It was developed to support healthy urinary tract and bladder function, normalize urine flow, help resolve stones in the urine and support the immune system in the presence of an infection. This all natural kit works safely and quickly for cats of all ages. Get Yours Today!


Why Use The Urinary Tract Support Kit

How is this kit used?

The Urinary Tract Support Kit is used to help combat urinary problems that our feline friends suffer from. It is simple to administer – just add the recommended drops to your cat’s wet food. These natural products can also be used in a smaller dosage on a daily basis for prevention.

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What if I don’t feed wet food?

The products within the Urinary Tract Support Kit do not require to be mixed into food; however, please understand that feeding your cat wet food is one of the best ways to avoid future urinary problems. The moisture in all cat’s diets should be 65-75% and dry kibble cat food only contains 5-10% moisture. The products within this kit can also be administered with an oral syringe or directly in whatever clever way you choose. 🙂

Is it safe for all cats?

Yes! These products are used by cats and kittens of all ages. Most cats who are battling a UTI or struvite stones have urine that is too alkaline. This kit is designed to acidify the urine with UrinaryCat Plus and promote a healthy immune system with our plant-based CATalyst. If your cat has oxalate stones then the urine is too acidic. While not as common, it does happen. In this case, please look at our Oxy-Cat Alkaline Booster product – as it will help fix the acid in the urine very quickly.

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“I was so worried that I would never be able to find something to help my cat, Smokey, who has had reoccurring UTIs for years. Thanks so much for helping me finally find a way to fix him!”


Tonja M. – December 31, 2015

Smokey The Cat
Smokey The Cat

Order the Urinary Tract Support Kit today and help your cat kick the urinary problems quickly, easily and naturally.

We respect your privacy and will never share or sell your personal information

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