A Safe & Quick Way To Get Rid Of The Worms

If you need to Get Rid Of The Worms in your cat, here's the easy, safe and inexpensive way to do it

When you find out that your kitty has worms in her intestines it’s no fun. It’s actually quite disturbing and gross. Maybe you found them in her feces or maybe she’s exhibiting symptoms of intestinal parasites and you don’t know what to do. A vet visit is stressful and you’ve read that worms aren’t usually too serious of an issue. You don’t want to pump your kitty full of toxic chemicals – but still need to get rid of the worms.

We’ve got you.

Most cats will experience tapeworm, roundworm or hookworm at some point in their lives. While this isn’t something that is life-threatening (usually), it is very uncomfortable for both you and your kitty. Intestinal parasites are just that… parasites in the intestines. They reproduce at a rapid rate and can cause symptoms like vomiting, bloat, diarrhea, and weight loss. Because of this, we want to take control and get rid of the worms quickly.

Traditional treatments for worms in cats involve strong chemicals that often carry side effects – both short and long term. We don’t like to treat our cats with these harsh chemicals if at all possible, so we use natural treatments instead.

Worm eX is a 100% plant extracted wormer for cats that destroys the pathogenic proteins while keeping good cells healthy – which stops the propagation of the worms in the GI tract. It clears out those parasites in a matter of 5-7 days (or sometimes sooner) and won’t harm your cat’s digestive tract or immune system!

Also… another bonus to this product is that it can be used on kittens. Many of the chemical dewormers are not safe for kittens but this won’t hurt them. We need to be especially careful with kittens, as they have underdeveloped immune systems. Take a weak immune system and pump it full of chemicals? No bueno.

Feeding your kitty pumpkin seeds can also help to prevent worms in cats, but we’ve found that feeding them to picky kitties can be difficult.

Check out this video and reach out if you have questions!

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