The Best Cat Foods Of 2020-2021

This is the list of the Best Cat Foods for 2021

As pet parents become more aware of the importance of a healthy diet for their fur-kids, finding the right food can get challenging. Marketing schemes and dishonest commercials often lead us to believe we’re feeding the best cat foods available, when in reality we aren’t. How do we sift through the junk to find the truth?

Well, the good news is that cat parents have options to seek truth and find the best cat foods for our kitties.

  • The first option is to do extensive research. We can contact pet food companies and inquire about where they source their ingredients and we can decide if we approve of that. Many pet food companies, however, will tell you that this is proprietary information so you will need to rephrase those questions in these cases. You can ask if their meat is antibiotic free and humanly raised. The next question you can ask is if their meat is fit for human consumption. You see, most of the big brand companies use the leftover meat from the farms after the human grade ingredients have been removed. This is cheaper than using the quality pieces of the animal for our cats and they can still call it “real meat“. Many pet food companies also use 3D meats in their ingredients. You can inquire about this, however, they likely won’t tell you the truth. 3D meats mean they are “dead, diseased or dying“. Basically, it’s road kill. You can also inquire about if there are synthetic vitamins in the food, where they get their starches and at what temperature they cook their foods. Then dig even deeper and ask for proof of their answers.

You’d benefit from watching the film Pet Fooled and it will help you find more questions too.

Make sure to ask this via email, as they are less likely to be dishonest in writing. If you’re satisfied with the responses, great! If not, it’s time to move onto the next pet food company with your questions.

  • The second option is to get your list of the best cat foods from Susan Thixton, who does the work for you. Susan is a pet food consumer advocate and is passionate about transparency in the foods we feed our animals. She also attends AAFCO meetings to be a voice for pet food consumers. She writes about what’s happening in the pet food industry in her blog regularly. Because pet parents want to understand what they’re feeding, Susan educates us. We’ve seen too many cases where cats or dogs die after eating a contaminated food and she’s dedicated her life to stop this from happening again. Every year she vets pet food companies to find the truth about their foods. She asks the questions and she researches the answers. Each year she publishes a list of cat and dog foods that she can approve of and would feed her pets. For a very small donation, you can access this list and pick a cat food that works for your kitties.

This year she took it a step further. Not only can you have the list, but she also broke down the cost of the foods. In her 2021 list she gives you the price it will cost you to feed the recommended foods per day. This will be helpful to all of us!

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